Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hat Season Has Arrived!

 Hat season is officially here, and I have been cranking them out lately.
First on the list was this Rainbow Sugar Skull Slouchy for a friend at work.  The sugar skull pattern is from Glamour4You (I won the pattern when she first released it, and just now finally got to put it to use!), and I sort of winged it on the rest of the hat.
 After I finished it, I realized that I wanted it for myself; I mean it's just plain cool:)
So, I made myself one in some nice blue and purple shades, which totally match my new sneakers, by the way (extra added bonus)!
 Love how these look!  And I am getting so many compliments and requests for them now!

My little cutie decided that the hat looked better one her, so we are now sharing it.
 I tend to agree with her.
 I made some warm winter berets as well.  The above one in purple is still available, and I may add it to my Etsy shop this week.
 The camo one has already sold.
 I am running so behind on my patterns lately.  I have a bunch in the works, including the cute tunic pictured below.  I am hoping to get some of these typed up and to testers soon.
So, what's on your hooks lately?