Saturday, October 11, 2014

To Knit or Knot To Knit?

I have been a crocheter for several years now, and I love it!  I love that the possibilities are endless, you're never done learning, there's always a new stitch or technique to play with, and there are more patterns than I could ever possibly have the time to make.  That's not even counting all of the pattern ideas in my head just waiting to be written down.

That being said, I find myself just wishing that I could knit.

I look online on places like Pinterest, Facebook, and Ravelry, and I wish that I could make these gorgeous knits.

I've created an entire Pinterest board devoted to all of the things I wish I could knit.  These are just a few of them.

....And these adorable stuffies!  How cute is this bunny and doll?  Yes, I crochet stuffies (amigurumi), but theres's just something so sweet about these knit versions.

There are beautiful children's sweaters, that I think my daughter would look oh so sweet in......

I just love this one above, by The Velvet Acorn!  I still need to try a few of her crochet patterns that have
been on my ravelry favorites list for ages (see earlier comment on not enough time for all the patterns I want to make).

So after picking up, and quickly putting down the needles several times before, I decided to really give it my all this week.  I was determined to get past the cast on and actually finish a swatch, binding off and everything.

And you know what?  I did it!

I made a couple of small swatches, practicing both knit and purl stitches and binding off.  So far that's all I know how to do, but it's a start, and it's a lot better than my previous attempts.

Want to know what made the difference this time?  You Tube video tutorials by Chandi of Expression Fiber Arts.  I used You Tube in the past, but just couldn't find someone who explained it well enough.  Not only were her instructions clear and easy to follow, but Chandi's bubbly personality makes learning to knit fun.

So today I practiced knitting washcloths, because if I'm going to be practicing making swatches, I might as well make something useful.  Right?

My daughter claimed this one for her own.  She's convinced that everything I make should be hers, and usually it is.

So I'm going to make several more of these and keep trying different stitches.  I like the look and feel of a knit washcloth (perhaps even more than the crocheted ones I've made in the past), so it will be good practice and provide me with a new set of washcloths.  Maybe even some Christmas pressies!

After that will be learning to knit on circulars, which I find quite terrifying.

And one day, maybe I will be able to make this beauty........


  1. Love knit wash cloths! Much easier to wring out than crocheted. As for circulars, I bet you like them even better the straight needles. Keep up the excellent work :)

  2. Yes, I've noticed that they wring easier. I also like the stretch that knit gives. Crocheting washcloths tends to bore me too. So far, I've enjoyed knitting them.
    I find circulars intimidating, but can't wait to try! Thanks Lisa :-)