Friday, March 15, 2013

Crochet,Fun With Clay, and Egg Play

 I am surrounded by wips!  Haha, but seriously, I have so many current project in progress, it is ridiculous.  I definitely have crocheter's ADD.  I will be working on something, get the idea for something else, and I'm off....
 I have been working on a granny square tunic/sweater for my daughter and a matching hat.  The first hat I made wound up being a smidge to small.  I have been testing my gauges and patterns with different yarns, and the result was a 6-12 month Rosalie Slouchy.  This worked out wonderfully, because one of the fabulous sewists over at Modia Diapers saw it, and wanted to do another trade with me.  We did one over Christmas, where I sent her two amigurumis for a cloth diaper and wipes for my daughter.  I jumped at the chance to trade for more of her amazingly soft sherpa/obv wipes!
 I have been wanting to play a little with some aqua-ish blue and bright red.  Love the two colors together, and treated myself to some yarn the other day.  Here is the result: another Rosalie Slouchy!  I am on a roll making these in every color combo I can think of.  The adult size version of the pattern is coming soon.
 We had a little clay play the other night, and I can honestly say that I will not be making any of these items to sell ever!  I have so much respect for those of you out there who can work with clay.  I am not one of those
This big button was the best looking of my button attempts, and it's terrible.  Oh well, we had fun, and that's what counts.  I also made some simple hook handles, which are nothing special, but they do the trick and I like them.

 They still need a glaze coat on them, which I think I will leave up to my hubby tonight.  I quit the clay business.  Back to crochet for me.
 Here is another project I decided to start yesterday.  I am using up all of my pastel yarn scraps and crocheting a cover for this foam wreath I bought.

 I thought I would make a festive Easter wreath.  I crocheted a little egg, made a little bunny head using up scrap yarn and a pipe cleaner, and bought a new flower pattern from Crocheterie.
 I will share more pics as it progresses, and hopefully it is finished in time for Easter.
 Here is the simple little bunny head.
 Staying with the Easter theme, we decided to try out egg dyeing with our daughter.  She was just a little too rough with some of the eggs, and I think next year will go smoother, but we all had fun.
The above was my attempt at drawing a yarn ball and hook on one egg.  Not so great, but oh well.
My daughter requested a heart on the egg.  They came out pretty cute, and tonight we have our name eggs ready for some egg bashing!  Does anyone else do that?  You hit your egg into everyone else's and whoever doesn't break theirs wins.  It's a tradition in my hubby's family (I had never heard of it before we met).

I think we'll save the plastic eggs for Easter, and we may have to hide them in the house this year, as it is currently snowing out(with feet remaining).

Have you done any holiday decorating or crafting?  Do you have any fun Easter or St. Patrick's Day traditions?  Please feel free to share(that way I don't feel like I'm just talking to myself, heehee).

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