Saturday, April 27, 2013

Modia Diapers Review

 I have been cloth diapering my daughter since she was 6 months old.  I had a friend who was doing it with her child, and I decided to research it for myself.  I was shocked to find out that the world of cloth diapering has changed quite a bit over the years.  It's not those pins and horrible rubber pants that we think of our grandparents using.
They're cute now!
I did my research and tried different brands and types over the past couple of years.  After going "big brand" to start, I began trying WAHM's instead, and I was quite pleased with the results.  
There was one particular WAHM company that caught my eye: Modia Diapers.  I don't recall when I first saw them, but it was probably about a year ago.  They were just gorgeous, and I was dying to try them out, but money was tight and I had accumulated quite a stash of diapers already.  I had lofty plans of early potty training(hasn't happened yet), and so I just periodically perused their facebook page and website and drooled (just a little).
Then something fabulous happened!  Hannah, one of the amazingly talented moms behind the company, put out a call for fellow crafters to do a Christmas time trade.  I answered.  We set up a trade in which I would get a diaper (I chose the cow print) and some sherpa/obv wipes, and I made her two crocheted stuffed animals (a hippo and elephant).
We couldn't have been happier on our end.  And I found out that their diapers were even better than I thought they would be!  The cow print diaper became our go to diaper.
 These wipes are absolutely fabulous!  So incredibly soft, and they can be used as washcloths or wipes.
We were so happy with the trade, so when Hannah asked to trade again for a hat that I made, I jumped at the chance to score some more super soft wipes.
A few weeks later, I purchased another diaper during a sale they were running.  I know she will potty train soon, but I just couldn't help myself.
This diaper, the hot pink with barnyard animals is by far my daughter's favorite!  She always asks to wear her animal diaper.

This is what the inside looks like.  You get the cover (made with waterproof PUL) with a long hemp fleece liner, and a bamboo doubler.  There is a pocket that you can stuff the liner into, but I prefer to use ours as a cover(AI2 style).  There are snap closures, as well as a snap rise to adjust and grow with your child.

 Here is a shot of the pocket
 Isn't that cow print precious?!
 I love that the cow print carries through to the inside!  So stinkin' cute!

We got these little extra goodies with our Barnyard diaper purchase.  My daughter loved the diaper cream (which is cloth diaper safe).
If you cloth diaper, know someone who does, or if you're considering it, please check out Modia Diapers.  They make incredibly high quality products and have excellent customer service!

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