Friday, July 19, 2013

Week 3: Pattern Giveaway!

It's week 3 of the pattern giveaways, and I have decided to try something a little different this time.  I am having a Pin It to Win It type of giveaway, where comments are left on facebook.
There is a post pinned to the top of my facebook page, explaining the rules.
Basically, follow me on Pinterest, pin these baby ballet slippers, and leave a comment on the facebook post, telling me you did it and your Pinterest name.

There are very low entries as of yet, and I will draw and announce winners tomorrow evening, here on the blog.

In other news, between customs and never ending home repairs, I have been crocheting up lots of baby booties.  I am "hooked" (pun totally intended) on the patterns of Mon Petit Violon these days, and I just purchased several of her patterns for baby booties.  My favorites are the Fantasy Bobble Booties; so cute!

As you can see, I have been busy crocheting up several of these cute booties.  I also adapted the design to fit my toddler, who has been demanding requesting her own pair.  She loves them!

 I have also made a few more of her patterns and am looking forward to trying the fringe booties (little moccasins), and both the baby and ladies' loafers.
I am hoping to get involved in a craft fair within the next month or two, and I thought these would be a great addition to what I already have in stock.  However, we just discovered we need to have our water heater replaced, and I am trying to sell as many of these online as possible.  I will replenish my craft fair stock later.
There are a couple of baby slipper listings currently available in my Etsy shop:  I have a custom listing for the above Baby Ballet Slippers (0-6 months) and one for the custom Baby Bobble Booties as well.  The rest are currently available on facebook in my Baby Booties Album.  Simply comment below the picture or send me a message to purchase.
In addition to the booties, I also just finished up this cute little Granny Square Bag!
This bag is unlined and currently available in my RTS album on facebook.

Please comment, message me on facebook, or send me an email if you are interested in purchasing any of these items or if you would like to place a custom order.


  1. those bobble booties are absolutely adorable!!!!

    1. Thanks Sandra! I think so too; I am loving the Mon Petit Violon patterns! They are a lot of fun to make and work up really quickly too:)