Sunday, July 14, 2013

Winner: Coastal Kaleidoscope Pattern

I'm a day late on this one; sorry everyone.  Between work, orders, and never ending home repairs, I let the day get away from me.

While there were a few more comments this time, I am wondering about the lack of entries in these giveaways.  I have taken efforts to make sure that the commenting is easy peasy on the blog (no word verification, everyone can comment, etc.), and still crickets.  While I enjoy using the blog as an outlet for my crafty tales, I would love to feel that I am writing it for more than myself.

That being said, I may change the requirements in the next giveaway.  Would everyone prefer a Pin It to Win It or a facebook related contest?  Please, I would love to get some feedback from you all.

Now for the winner of this week's giveaway!
The winner of the Coastal Kaleidoscope Throw pattern is:
Amber Seay!
Congratulations Amber; please contact me with your email address so that I may send you the pattern.

And for next week's pattern, I have chosen based on comments, Leilani's Lace!
Details on how to enter will come at the beginning of the week.
Happy crocheting!

1 comment:

  1. congrats Amber!!! It's a great pattern!

    I like the way you have been doing it but I think something FB related would get more entries. You could do a pin it and fb combination.