Friday, May 30, 2014

A New Top and A Little Competition

Well, it has indeed been a while since I last posted here.  I truly had the best intentions at year's start, but alas, this is my first post in nearly 6 months!  Life has most definitely been hectic as of late, and things are finally calming down enough to take a little time to test new patterns, work on some that I have bought (, and perhaps work on my own designs too.  I have a whole notebook full that just need a little time and energy.  And of course, there is now a little time to blog.

As many of you may know, my favorite designer, Mon Petit Violon, is having a little competition on her blog.  The rules are simple: choose your favorite of her patterns, make it, photograph it, and email it in.  There is also the social media part of promoting this fabulous contest as well.  
And the prize?
6 months free subscription to her patterns!!!!!
Definitely incentive for me to finish this cute little top I had started for my daughter and do a little blogging.
The pattern I used was the Halter Ruffle Dress, and though I made it as a top and left off the ruffle, I am in love with this design!  I will definitely be making another as a ruffled dress, perhaps in purple and green, or maybe navy and white (I do love that nautical look).  Truly, I was going to add the ruffle, but my daughter HAD to wear it the very minute I had the side seams
I am glad she loves it as much as I do; it's so adorable.
 I had originally planned on the orange only being on the collar and ruffle (that I later left off), however I knew there wouldn't be enough blue without a trip to the craft store, so I added the stripes of orange to the front.  I am sooooo pleased with the result.
 Due to the stitching, the rows become wavy lines, which really pop with the color change.  It's a beautiful technique, and I think it can be better seen and appreciated with this color change.

My little cutie loved posing in her new top.  The only problem is picking a photo to send in.
Crochet Patterns By Mon Petit Violon's facebook page will announce the photos she has selected and the voting will take place in June.
If you love this top as much as I do, please stop by and vote for me, if chosen.  Thanks so much!
Happy crocheting!

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