Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vintage Treasures

As I mentioned in my last post, we are planning on moving soon.  We have been busy cleaning, organizing, and packing as much as we can for the time being, so that when we find a place, we're ready.
I haven't accomplished much in the realm of crafting lately however.  Between constant cleaning, stressful home repairs, and work I have been somewhat exhausted.  I go to pick up my hook and yarn at the end of the day, but can barely keep my eyes open.  In times like these, when I can't craft much, I find myself frequenting crafty blogs and Pinterest even more.
Lately I have been noticing quite a few crafters using lovely vintage buttons, or better yet, displaying lovely vintage button collections.  Not that I don't have enough collections already, but I found myself wanting my very own vintage button collection.  I have pondered checking out some antique shops and thrift stores.
Well imagine my ultimate delight when I came across this spectacular find!

First of all, aren't the tins fabulous?!  Love them!

And inside were all of these magnificent buttons!  Teeny tiny ones, medium ones, large ones.  Buttons covered in fabric, wooden ones, and really old handmade ones.  One can only guess at how old these buttons are.  My grandmother (born in 1918) had been accumulating them for quite some time.  They were just tucked away in her sewing table, with many other treasures, including some wooden spools.

I wonder if some of them, like these (below) could be much older than she.  Perhaps some buttons were from her parent's clothing, maybe some passed down from her grandmother?  I will never know, but I am beyond thrilled to have them!

I see many of these going on some lovely crocheted sweaters.  Like these cute flowered ones:

Some may become closures or accents on purses, some on a pea coat for my daughter, some on hats, and many more that don't yet have a destiny planned for them.  One thing is for sure, I will never run out of buttons!

Do you like to collect vintage things?  What kind?

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