Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hootie Cuties (free pattern)

There has been a bit of interest in these cute little owls I recently made.  They were simply the result of an afternoon of playing with my yarn scraps.  So when I was asked if I was selling the pattern, I was kind of surprised. 

I really didn't have a pattern.  As I said, I was just playing with my yarn.  Sometimes I like to do that, and just see what happens.  It took me a minute to think of how they came to be.  I typed up the pattern in a quick message.  Then I thought, why not share it with all of you!

So here it is; Hootie Cuties, the pattern!


(I would love to see your finished owls!  Please feel free to post them on my facebook page)
*This is an excellent scrapbuster, as it doesn't take up much yarn at all, and all of those little cut tails you accumulate can become the ears!
*The faces may be embroidered, sewn on pieces of felt (both good options for children under 3), or you could use buttons/safety eyes for the eyes.  The possibilities are endless and entirely up to you!

ch2, sc 6 times into 2nd chain from hook
then you just work in the round (no joining)

increase row: 2sc in each sc (12 total)

increase row: 1sc, 2 sc, repeat (18 total)

increase row: 1sc in the first 2sc, 2sc in the next, repeat (24)

Now you'll have a good sized circle. You can choose to
continue increasing if you want based on the increase pattern.

Once you've reached the size you want, continue working sc in the round for about 3 rows
Begin your next row with a sc decrease, continue in sc around
Sc in the round for 2 more rows
Begin the next row with another sc decrease, continue sc in the round

The size of your owl is entirely up to you, and they will vary based on yarn choice and hook size. 
I continue to sc crochet in the round until I reach the desired height.
Then to finish him off, I stuff him generously with polyfil, mold his little shape and at one side of his head.....

ch 1, and sc across the top of his head (closing him in the process)

Now comes the fun part (well it's all fun, really)!  Grab all of those tail ends from various projects (if you're anything like me, you have billions!  I refuse to throw out "perfectly good yarn"), group several together, and pull them through each corner of the head, knotting them.  Do this to each side of the head at the corners, creating ears.
There are many options for the faces.  I chose to sew pieces of felt for the face.  I then stitched "sleepy eyes" to one and button eyes to the other.  Both are cute, but I feel more comfortable with the embroidered and felt faces for young children.  Buttons can pose a choking hazard, so please remember this when deciding on a face.
Most importantly, have fun and get creative!  You can do lots of different things with these little guys, and by using up your scraps, each and every one will be unique! 
You can even make them little homes.......
I think these Hootie Cuties would make excellent stocking stuffers!  Don't you?
If you don't crochet yourself, but would like these as a stocking stuffer this year, please check out the listing in my Etsy shop!

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