Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe Halloween is already over!  Time is going far too fast these days.  This was our daughter's first year of trick-or-treating, so it was pretty exciting!
She was Minnie Mouse this year, and looked absolutely adorable! 

She loves all things Mickey and Minnie, so I had it in my head for months now that I would be making her a Minnie Mouse costume.  I was originally going to do the red with white polka dots, as that was the first thing that came to mind.  It was Minnie's costume for years.  I have a picture of myself as a child in Disney World with Minnie wearing that outfit. 
 But these days, Minnie has gone pink! 
I ordered a great shade of bubblegum pink yarn about 2 weeks before Halloween(I know, cutting it very close).  It arrived quickly though, and I got to work on her skirt.  I used the basic idea for my toddler skirt/poncho (pattern to come soon!) and made it very large with a drawstring.  This way it will be fully adjustable and able to grow with her.  Also, this made it more "twirly", and what little girl doesn't love a twirly skirt?  In fact, as soon as the skirt was crocheted, my daughter had it on and was twirling around the living room.  She didn't want to wait for the finishing touches.

I made this skirt a little longer than the other one (I love the other skirt, but wish I had made it just a bit longer), and then I added some handsewn lace all along the bottom.  Minnie Mouse has frilly bloomers worn under her skirt, so I wanted to add that extra frilly touch.  I think the lace really made the skirt!  Then I added white polka dots cut out of felt.  I sewed them on with a simple "x" stitch so that I could easily remove them later if I wanted to.  I did a simple black chain and looped it over the button of her skirt for a "tail", which seemed to be everyone's favorite part.
Then I made her a simple black beanie, added her mouse ears from her birthday headband, and used the leftover pink yarn from the skirt to make a bow.  I added some smaller white felt polka dots to the bow and sewed it onto the hat.
I am so happy with how it turned out!  It makes me feel good to be able to make things for her that she can wear and enjoy.  It was important to me that I make her costume, rather than buying one.  My mother always made our costumes, and they were always so much nicer than the store bought ones, in my opinion.  My brother and I always looked unique, and we both won lots of contests.  But what I remember most is the love that went into each costume.  She enjoyed making them for us, and getting us ready for trick-or-treating.  I have great memories of all our Halloween's together, and I wanted to keep up with that tradition.
My little girl with her daddy (note she is eating a banana, not candy,lol)

Walking through her grandma's neighborhood
We wound up adding the sweater I made her to the costume
as it was very chilly out.

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