Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Dreaded Flu Bug

Well it's finally here, the flu has hit home!  UGH!!!  It seems everyone in the house has a new symptom of something each day, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday.  The aches, the chills, the swollen throat, stuffy nose, cough; oh yeah, I got it all!  It was so bad that I caved and ate 4 servings of chicken noodle soup, and I'm a VEGETARIAN!  It was all I could eat.  I swear the stuff has magic sprinkled in!  

So, I clearly have gotten little done this week.  I have 2 skirts that are both nearly finished, and matching hats to go with them.  Two of my patterns are out to testers, and I am hoping to hear back from them this coming week.  My skirt pattern should be ready for release by Valentine's day!

I spent most of my immobile day yesterday trying to set up my Ravelry shop, polishing up my website (I've had it since last year, but let it fall to the wayside when I opened up Etsy), and planning out the ideas for some upcoming patterns.  I have several fun things planned for this year, and just as soon as I start feeling better, I have a couple of new designs to tackle for Spring!

I will leave you with a couple of pretty photos of new items that I have listed.  Have a great week everyone!

Back of newest slouchy hat

Side view of hat.  Will be part of a set with my Leilani's Lace skirt.

 This camo set was made for one of the girls I work with, and she was so excited!

And here's my little cutie pie in her new "Brainwaves Beanie" I made her (pattern by Playin' Hooky Designs)

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