Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A desire to spin.....

So here's a little something those closest to me know:  My brain has no off switch!  Yeah, that's right.  It just goes 24/7 with more ideas than I could ever hope to try to bring to life.  I am a crafter through and through.  Usually it is a wonderful thing, however when I average 4-5 hours of sleep tops, it is a little troubling.

I will be in the middle of a project when the idea hits, and I must begin!  This is probably the reason for all of my current WIP's http://cavendishclassiccrafts.blogspot.com/2012/08/i-dont-know-about-you-but-i-just-love.html.  In fact not even two days after that post, I started a new project (guilty grin).  I was working on what felt like my millionth hexagon when the idea struck.  I wanted had to make a new skirt!  I had some varigated purple yarn that I had been dying to play with, and now I had the perfect project for it!
Although I may have 10 to 20 projects going at once, I do finish them too.  In fact, sometimes I can finish several in an evening that way.  It makes me feel very productive.
I decided I wanted to make my own buttons last month.  So the hubby and I gave that a whirl while my daughter played with her homemade play- doh by Hillbilly Boutique.  They weren't bad at all for our first efforts, and I plan on doing more so that I can add them to my crocheted projects.  It is a truly wonderful feeling knowing that you made something completely from scratch.
My most recent naggingly persistent idea is that I must spin!  I have to make my own yarn!  I have been wanting to try this for a while now.  Lately though, the NEED to spin has taken over.  Of course there is no way I could afford a beautiful spinning wheel right now (nor would I even know how to set it up or work it), so I would have to start with a drop spindle.  I had my eye on a few from Knit Picks, but there was also a shop on Etsy, http://www.etsy.com/shop/bhmalpacas, that sells small kits with spindle and alpaca roving.  There is no fiber that I would rather work with than alpaca!  I love it!  If I could spin and dye my own yarn, my crocheted items would be "completely" my own.
Of course, it would be more so if I sheared my own sheep or alpacas;)
Another dream for another day.......


  1. I understand that urge when the idea storms into my brain and I have to start something else even though I have one (or more) works in progress. Unfortunately my original projects don't always get finished for a very long time as I hop from one thing to the next. I admire that you can get them done. And alpaca is sooo soft...love it!