Friday, August 17, 2012

New Blog

Hello everyone!  I have decided to enter the Blogger world, and create a new blog.  This will just be a fun place to share what I am working on, future items coming up for sale, and crafty tips.  Please feel free to join in the fun by leaving comments and suggestions.
I am an avid crafter, mom to the greatest little girl in the world, and married to my best friend.  I just started my crafting business, Cavendish
Classic Crafts this year.  It was a dream in the making, inspired in part by mother and part my daughter.  I enjoy making many things, but my true crafty love is crochet.  I especially love crocheting baby/kids items, such as clothing, blankets, hats, and now dolls/toys.
I have recently gotten very into making these dolls.  My daughter loves them, and it brings me so much joy to see her enjoy something I've made so much.  To me, handmade means more than anything you could buy in a big box store.  Handmade means love.  It means unique, one of a kind.  It means you care and you want to show it to someone special.
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Thanks for stopping by!  Many more posts to come!

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