Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Little Flower Girl

My gorgeous little girl (almost 2 now!) is going to be the flower girl in her uncle and auntie's wedding next week, and her dress just arrived.  So we decided to have a little fashion show to make sure it fits (yay, I don't have to alter a thing!) and to figure out what I am going to make to go in her hair.  I am thinking a crochet covered headband with fabric roses created from the remnants of the bridal party dresses.  I will also probably make her some hair bow clips, just in case she decides she will not keep a headband on that day(hard to predict the daily behaviour of a toddler, heehee).
From the back
Combing her hair ;-)
She loved the poofy skirts and ribbon!
I crocheted her a little cream colored alpaca shrug just in case it gets cool later (it is an evening wedding).  It is sooooo soft, and though it has a fairly open stitch and is very light, will be quite warm.
I have decided to make myself one as well.  Mine is in a orangey/brown (rust) color, and it won't be quite as cute.  I added a nice shell stitch edging around hers.  Mine will be a bit more open(stitch-wise), but we will kind of match;)
Well, back to work now.  I have many projects to finish in time for our trip, including:  my shrug, a portable dvd player holder(for the seat in the car), crayon rolls(for flower girl and ring bearer), a birthday present for my brother, a custom Red Riding Hood doll, hair accessories, my hubby's hat (promised to be done weeks ago, oops!), and the list goes on.
Enough procrastinating.  I am off!
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