Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Perfect Shoes

A while back I bought some adorable patriotic fabric with the intention of making some little 4th of July skirts.  I had some fabric in my stash (my mom's fabric actually) with stars and stripes, and I wanted to add to it a little with some new prints.  So I went to one of my favorite places to buy fabric,, and picked up some Red, White & True Blue Girls Cream and some Red, White and Blue Regatta Navy.
I couldn't wait to make some cute little skirts.  I was on a major sewing kick at the time, and my favorite thing to sew was little skirts.  I had made quite a few for my daughter, which she loves (and looks adorable in if I do say so myself), so I wanted to make more to sell.
I made this skirt, currently listed in my etsy shop.

Then I decided I wanted to do something a little different.  I wanted to add to my daughter's summer wardrobe, and she now had more than enough skirts.  She didn't have many dresses though.  By this point I was delving back into my crochet full force and decided I would crochet a top and add a fabric bottom.  I started by making this one with granny squares.

The matching capped sleeve cardigan I had made for her for Easter.
Then I decided to do a cute patriotic nautical one because I had the perfect blue cotton yarn for it.
So I made a halter top that was adjustable in the back with ties (I make everything for her so that it can be worn for the longest amount of time possible) so that she will hopefully get at least a couple of years out of it.  The bottom was made with gathered fabric from my patriotic collection.
Not the best picture, but my model wouldn't stand still, heehee:)
The only problem now was shoes.  She had just outgrown her old shoes, and the two new pairs we had bought her would not go with this dress at all :(
I didn't have the money to be buying new shoes, but figured I would keep my eye out for a sale.
No such luck.
Then, while discussing shoes to match her flower girl dress (she will be in my brother's wedding) with my soon to be sister in law, I had mentioned she was now a 7, so she could find the right shoe.  Well she sent me shoes for the wedding, and an extra pair that she just thought was cute and had to get.
The PERFECT shoes!

I seriously could not have found a better pair of shoes to match the dress I made her!  I hadn't even described the dress to her.  It's funny how things work out like that.

Unfortunately the shoes for the wedding did not fit, but she found another pair that does, and my daughter loves them!
Both of the dresses I made, and the shoes, will be going with us to Rhode Island for the wedding next month, so there will be lots of pictures soon!

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