Friday, August 24, 2012

Last Call Vendors!

Happy Friday everyone!  The big giveaway celebration begins this Sunday!  Today is the last call for all vendors who want to participate.  If you want to add an item to the giveaway, I will need your info and a picture of the item by this evening.  Your item may be something you made, a pattern you designed, or a discount to your shop.  I will need a link to your page and a photo of the item, as well as shipping info if it applies.

I have at least one more item that I know of which will be added today.  That will put our count at 15 awesome prizes to give out!  The giveaway will run for a week and a half.  Plenty of time to get those entries in.  You will need to be a fan of my facebook page as well as a follower of this blog to enter.  There are many ways to earn more entries, as well as one or two that can be done each day.

I ask that all of my vendors are promoting this giveaway as much as possible.  Let's make this giveaway a success and have some fun too!  All vendors are welcome to enter for other vendor's items(excluding myself), so you are all welcome to join in the fun too!

My goal is to at least reach the big 750 by the end of the giveaway.  I am currently around 35 away!  Let's make it happen!

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