Sunday, March 10, 2013

Making the most of daylight savings time!

I am exhausted after having to wake up far to early for work this morning!  I am not one of the lucky ones who gets to sleep in on Sundays.  This one was especially hard due to an evil being known as "daylight savings time".  Yawing away all day at work, I finally got out, an lo and behold.....the sun!  It still shines!
Maybe it's not sooo evil.
I decided rather than napping, my time could be better spent taking some pictures outside of my little cutie pie modeling some hats.  So that's what we did:)
Here's a few...

 Love this one of her little "attitude" pose with her hand on her hip!  Too cute!
 Checkin' out her egg in her Egg Hunt Easter hat.....
 Her "teapot"
 Nice back shot of the new Rosalie Toddler Slouchy
 Looking for eggs!
Getting a little help from Rosie(our dog)

Now it's back to crocheting!  I am finishing up an egg hat and hoping to finish my final edits on some patterns.
What's the weather like where you are today?  Did you make the most of your daylight savings?

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