Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Plans for the Week

 My work schedule is a little light this week, so I am hoping to get a lot accomplished at home.  I am currently writing up my sunhat pattern (be sure to check out the "Name that Pattern" contest!), I have several patterns that were set on hold that need my attention, and I have been meaning to read this book (Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks) forever!
I love reading probably as much as I love crocheting, but I find that I don't often have time lately.  Before I had my daughter, I read all the time.  With a two year old though, your ability to sit down and concentrate on something for any length of time is limited.  I have several books waiting for me on my Kindle as well as this book, so I have decided to set the small goal of finishing just one book a month.  Considering I used to read a book every day or couple of days, that should be attainable (I think...).
 I also bought this big skein of Bernat Baby (a sport weight yarn), which I thought would come in handy for some nice lightweight tops and dresses for spring.  I have several new pattern ideas swirling around in my head and hopes to expand my daughter's spring wardrobe, so maybe I will get at least one of them down on paper this week.
 This BEAUTIFUL skein of super soft super wash merino from Expression Fiber Arts has been patiently waiting in my stash for over a month now.  It's called Midsummer Night's Dream (my favorite Shakespeare story!), and I finally have a plan for it!  I will be winding it up this evening, I think, with the ball winder from my brother and sister in law, and will hopefully start my project tomorrow.

 Here is a glimpse of my adult sized sunhat (this one will be mine, because I LOVE purple!), one of the clay hooks I made myself, and my latest pattern journal (my daughter has turned all previous pattern journals into her personal coloring books.lol)
 She, as always, wanted to be included in the photo shoot.  She loves the ball winder:)
This is the other unfinished pattern for the week.  My latest skirt pattern which is still in progress, and I am hoping to at least finish this one by week's end.  I am considering adding a size or two (this is 2T-4T roughly).
If there is enough interest in the skirt, I will add several sizes.  What sizes would you like to see this skirt offered in?

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