Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Springtime and Strawberries

 Something about springtime makes me crave strawberries.  I have been on a strawberry frenzy as of late, which began with jam, then bowls of strawberries, strawberry Quick (loved that stuff as a kid), Fribbles from Friendly's, and now strawberry shortcake!
 I am not much of a chef.  I don't make it into the kitchen very often, I'll admit.  My hubby does most of the cooking and baking in our house.  So when I actually make something, it is a major deal.
Now I didn't make it entirely from scratch; Bisquick was there to assist.  I cut the recipe on the box in half, because there are only 3 of us in the house, and we didn't need 6 shortcakes.
I have never done this before, so I was hoping when I spooned the blobs of dough onto the cookie sheet, that they would actually turn out.

Not too shabby.  I think next time I will try to build the blobs taller, as these kind of spread out.
 While I waited for them to bake, I couldn't help but notice and appreciate this little heart shaped strawberry slice.  Cute, huh?
 Sprinkled the strawberries (for some reason my daughter insists they are blueberries today.lol) liberally with sugar and mixed it up.
 Opened up my shortcakes, plopped in a good amount of cool whip and berries, then another layer on top.

I will definitely be doing this again real soon, and perhaps getting myself a Fribble as well.

 We have also been enjoying our lovely springtime weather this past week.  My daughter wanted to dress up the other day, which I love.  So we went outdoors for a little photo shoot.
Love this one!  
I am still hooked on navy and white, and really any shade of blue lately.
Her springtime shells hat may become a pattern soon.
How have you been ringing in spring this year?  Any favorite recipes or crafts/activities you like to do?

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