Friday, April 12, 2013

WIP Friday?

 Somehow I seem to keep missing my WIP Wednesday posts, so here's a peek at what I've been working on this week.
I had this beautiful skein of gorgeousness from Expression Fiber Arts sitting in my cabinet, and I figured it was time to ball it up so that it can fulfill its destiny.  However, after I balled it, and I saw its beautiful color work in full action, I realized that its path had changed.  I had every intention of creating my next pattern(one for my daughter, of course) with it, but wound up designing a brand new pattern for it.  So once again, it sits on the sidelines for now.  At least it's balled.
Side note: that is the most amazing apple puff danish!  Scrumptious
 I had to try to start it at least before I put it away for good(well, for a week or so at least)
 This is what's next on the agenda: my Carnival Ruffle Skirt pattern!
I have this one for my daughter almost finished up, and I am trying to write it up as I go, hoping to make it easier in the end.  We'll see.
I have decided to at least add one more larger size (this one is 2T-4T) that would fit the older girls.  I may add a baby size, but I haven't decided.  Maybe if there is enough interest.
 I love these colors; they make me think of cotton candy.
 This is what I was trying to finish up throughout all of my WIP's of the week.  My new sunhat!
 And ta-da!  It is finished.  I have my new beach hat..... Just in time for the freezing rain we are getting at this very moment.  Oh well, I am told spring and summer are on their way.
The pattern is currently out to testers, and I am hoping to be able to release it sometime early next week.  There is still a pattern naming contest going on over at my facebook page, and I have decided to choose two winners from those who suggest and vote.  So please go check it out, and cast your vote on your favorite name for my new sunhat!
Have a great weekend!

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